We have partnered with other local martial artists and fitness experts to expand our offerings. In addition to our Mixed Martial Arts, we also offer the following

DXF Training

DXF Training specializes in Group Fitness and Personal Training. Cor Fitness MMA partnered with DXF on the premise to help grow our health and wellness awareness and impact in the Mint Hill, Matthews communities. Tony Boncore, owner of Cor Fitness MMA stated that he saw a tremendous opportunity to leverage Daniels expertise along with expanding both offerings to both locations as an opportunity that can only better the experience for all of the members currently involved, and all future members as well.

Indian Land Mixed Martial Arts

Cor Fitness MMA is proud to be affiliated and a partner school to Indian Land Mixed Martial Arts, located in Indian Land South Carolina. This allows both schools to sharpen their skills while sharing technique and locations. Cor Fitness MMA is alsoresponsible for running the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program within ILMMA.

Taboada System (Balintawak Arnis Cuentada)

A Filipino combat & weapons training under Grandmaster Bobby Taboada. Tom Cohen is a direct student. Escrima (interchangeable with Arnis and Kali) is a weapons form, applicable to multiple weapons and empty hand techniques. You will train power, speed and reflex, flexibility, head movement, counters and defenses. We start with one stick. Grandmaster Taboada’s system is especially known for its timing, devastating power, and explosiveness. Any age, experience or fitness level welcome.

Daito Aikijujutsu

A classical school of Jujutsu that developed subtle and almost imperceptibly small versions of larger, power based techniques. Aiki teaches stance, body coordination, and unified movement to complete the defensive techniques. It is based upon using the opponent’s force, balance, weight distribution to effectively lock the spine, making it nearly impossible to complete an attack, launch a counter attack, etc. Modern Aikido and many jujitsu schools share a technical basis stemming from Daitoryu. While it’s not for offense, and it’s techniques take time to master, it is highly effective.