Cor Fitness MMA

If you are a parent, a martial art enthusiast, someone looking to focus on health, or if your family is looking to grow and train together, Cor Fitness MMA is perfect for you. We offer classes that range from Cardio Boot Camps, Muay Thai and Dutch Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. We offer a wide range of activities for adults, youth, and the MMA enthusiast.

We have noticed that today’s youth are becoming more reliant on technology, video games and social media. The days of “going outside to play” are no longer the norm. Our goal is to offer a community based facility where we can bring the heart of physical activity back to our youth.

Cor Fitness MMA is ranked one of Charlotte’s best Mixed Martial Art, and Fitness Academies. We are a locally owned business that competes against National Brands. We have found out niche’ in the market and continue to grow and influence our members in a positive manner. There are many success stories from members losing over 30 lbs, to members who had a desire to fight MMA, and have now done so. We ask that you come and check us out and make 2019 the year you grow.

There are hundreds of Martial Art schools to chose from in the Charlotte proper market, we are so grateful to be voted as one of the best. Take a look.